Information By Request Services

Tipping the scales toward MORE books and videos that are accessible- one request at a time

Our information Services are intended to address three areas specifically. While many newspapers and books are accessible (and many more are not) the following categories of information have almost NO accessibility. We will integrate with existing databases to expand accessible information.

1) Product Information – Every tried to read a food package label in the supermarket when you’re blind? How can blind people make good choices if products carry with them NO information that is accessible. We seek to build a searchable data base of 100,000 consumer products– from spaghetti to computers– with fully accessible information.

2) Reference and Literary Information – It is still true that the list of books and reference materials that ARE accessible is dwarfed by the list of those that are not. We seek to reverse this.

3) Video Information is similarly mostly inaccessible. Did your new flat screen come with a demo DVD? If it did, odds are overwhelming that it wasn’t accessible. Or, we all know that your Ronco oven has the world’s simplest instructions– “Set it and Forget it”– but that’s a slogan that won’t’ help you cook your dinner if you’re blind.